Emily Addison in Sexy Nautical Bikini

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The temperature is rising here by the poolside and it’s not because of the hot sun. Emily Addison has all eyes on her as she’s showing us that bikini body of hers. As cute as she looks in that nautical themed swim suit, she looks even better out of it. She knows that everyone wants a glimpse at those huge tits and she’s more than willing to give them what they want!

Emily also knows that to avoid tan lines she needs to remove her stripped bikini bottom as well. Once out of those, she’s free to do whatever pleases her. As the sun shine warms her naked body, she spreads that bare pussy open wide. Such a good girl gone bad – those ruby lips should have been a sign as to what kind of tart she could be!

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Emily Addison Spends Day With BFF Kirsten Price

Sunday, July 20, 2014

You can’t go wrong when you’ve got two hotties like this getting ready to have a salacious time at home. Emily Addison and Kirsten Price ditched the boys so they could have some girl time together. These best friends love going out and partying together, but today they’re doing something a bit different. They always wanted to try some girl on girl action and it looks like there’s no better time than now!

These high heeled babes break out the sex toys in order to really amp up the fun. Emily rubs her dildo all over her pussy, getting herself nice and worked up. Kirsten doesn’t want that toy to get all of fun and pushes it aside so she can get her face deep into that pussy.

Both Kirsten and Emily wanna feel each other cum. They wanna be sure that they’re feeling the same Earth moving fun. They intertwine their legs, put their soppy wet pussies together, and rub their clits feverishly. They cum all over one another’s cunt, knowing this was the best girl time ever!

Check out Emily Addison and Kirsten Price get frisky

There’s more hot Kirsten Price action at her blog!

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Emily Addison Masturbates With Red Nails

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Emily Addison strips off her skimpy denim shorts out on a balcony and shows satin bra and panties with a floral design.

The luscious pornstar presents her body in teases and peeks and then in full unveil. From big tits to juicy ass and bald pussy, Emily isn’t shy about showing it all.

Enjoy the view as her red fingernails dip into her tight wet hole.

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Emily Addison Strips Out of Lingerie Outdoors

Monday, July 14, 2014

Emily Addison is looking sexy and beautiful in her bikini lingerie. She loves showing off that hot body, knowing that she turns you on. You can’t help but want her. Those sexy slim curves just beg you to help her remove those confining clothes and touch every inch of her outstanding body.

You know that if she got her pornstar hands on you, she could bring you all kinds of hardcore pleasure. But her sweet body needs pleasure too, from her stunning breasts and nipples all the way down to that sweet little pussy. Emily Addison is ready to go hardcore with you. Can your cock handle the heat?

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Emily Addison Strips from Purple Bikini Lingerie

Friday, July 11, 2014

Emily Addison is one hot and curvy babe. Seeing the brunette pornstar beauty as she shows off her amazing figure in a purple lace bikini is one of the finer things in life. This luscious lady wastes no time stripping for you, though.

She wants to get nice and naked and show you that she’s in the mood to do a lot more than talk. She wants some hardcore action and she wants it now. She would love to get your cock as rock hard as possible until you are ready for serious hardcore fucking. Her pussy is aching and Emily Addison always gets what she wants!

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Emily Addison Shows Off Hot Body in White Lingerie

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Beautiful brunette seductress Emily Addison is absolutely scrumptious in white bikini lingerie. Her lovely breasts are tantalizing in and out of her bra – although when they are free from the confines, you may find that your mouth hangs open in admiration! This lovely babe loves to get naked for you and it gets her so turned on, she can’t even keep her hands off herself.

Emily Addison would love to feel your hands on her even more, but just knowing that you are watching her definitely gets to her in all the right ways! Stick around long enough and she might even cum!

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Emily Addison Shares the Best Breasts in the Biz

Saturday, July 5, 2014

If there was ever a babe that looked absolutely stunning in lingerie – she is obviously Emily Addison. This busty redhead can fill out bra and panties like no other. The secret has to be that tasty big rack of hers. As she pulls her bra out, you can see just how plus and wonderful those tits are. Those soft puffy nipples look delicious and as the cool air hits them and makes them hard – it gets even hotter!

This sexy fox doesn’t stop there though – she pulls her panties down just a little. That one seductive move is all it takes to drive a man wild. She ups the ante by turning around and slightly bending over. If you look close you can see that yummy pink slit of hers peeking out from between her legs. Once it’s all off, you get to see it all – the woman of pure perfection in nothing more than stockings and heels, happily showing off her yummy bald lips to you.

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Emily Addison Shows Off Hot Body Stripping From Black Lingerie

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Beautiful brunette Emily Addison is looking sensuous and tempting in black sheer lingerie. Her body is a seductive dream come true and she bares her lush titties so you can see how hard her nipples are. Her ass looks tantalizing in the tiny panties. She turns around, slipping those panties down and her nearly nude body is a total treasure. She sits down, panties off, and flashes her pussy slit just for you.

Emily Addison wants you to want her and with a toss off her hair, this sexy babe makes sure you do. Her sly smile tells you she knows that your cock is hard!

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Emily Addison is One Sexy Devil This Halloween

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sexy redhead Emily Addison has slipped that hot body of hers into a tight red catsuit in order to play the devil herself. She’s got it unzipped just enough that you’re able to get an eyeful of side boob action. She tweaks and pinches her horns the same way she does with her nipples to make them hard. Now that she’s got your mind thinking of those tits, she decides to pop them right out for you!

This devil seems to have a soft spot though and it’s more than just the one between her thighs. She just loves being naked and loses the costume in order to show you a bit of pink. Reaching around, she pulls her ass and cunt lips – spreading them both to give you the tastiest treat you’ll get this holiday season!

Check out Emily Addison as she strips down

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Emily Addison Loves to Fuck Bree Daniels

Thursday, June 26, 2014

If there’s one thing that Emily Addison loves, it’s fucking blondes. There’s something about those tight bodies, plush tits, and eager attitude that makes it all such a thrill. They want to do anything in order to please an Emily can’t get enough of it. Looks as though Bree Daniels is the latest slut to fall into her bed.

The redheaded beauty Emily pushes Bree to the bed, making her lay there naked as she positions herself on top. She wants to feel that sluts tongue all over her slit. Bree is one that aims to please and licks her pussy until Emily is practically grinding her pussy in her face. Once Emily has gotten hers, she returns the favor – letting Bree spread her pussy and get that tongue nice and deep in there.

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Emily Addison Enjoys Outdoor Lingerie Naked Fun

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hot and temptingly beautiful, Emily Addison loves to be outside in sexy pink lingerie. The tied bra squeezes her pretty round titties together and her flirty little skirt just almost hides the fact that the sexy temptress is not wearing a stitch underneath it. Emily loves to flirty and play and show off her hot body.

She especially enjoys pulling her pussy lips apart so you can see her sweet and juicy cunt hole. The tantalizing pornstar is always horny and ready for adventure and there isn’t much that’s more adventurous than you stepping into the picture to fuck Emily Addison nice and slow – doggy style!

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Emily Addison Looking For Some Girl Licking Fun

Friday, June 20, 2014

Is there anything hotter than watching two girls in bikinis making out with each other? Not much! Especially when the girls are Emily Addison and Taylor Vixen. Emily pushes Taylor up against the wall and dives in, knowing exactly what she wants! However, when they get over to the bed, Taylor is the one who takes charge, grabbing Emily’s breasts from behind and whispering fuck words in her ear.

She slides Emily’s bra off and kisses her, reaching for the treasure in her panties. Soon, she has Emily bare and sitting over her face, so Taylor can lick her dripping cunt to her heart’s content. She loves the feel of Emily’s hard clit against her lips, and the sounds of her moaning.

When Emily has come so much her legs are trembling, Taylor lays her on her back and continues licking that sweet pussy. There’s never too much of a good thing!

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More hot action with Taylor Vixen @ her blog!

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Emily Addison Flashes You At Dinner

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

When you go out to dinner with Emily Addison, you should be prepared for anything. This sexy and beautiful brunette has a real naughty streak. No matter how classy and nice her gorgeous blue dress is, when you are alone she will happily show you how she’s not wearing any panties. Emily Addison loves to shock you and get you all worked up over her sweet bare little pussy.

Then she surprises you even more by showing you how even the bodice of her dress allows her to show off her delicious titties. What she really wants is for you to take her right there on that table. She’s spreading her legs and showing you where she wants it – where she needs it. When Emily Addison wants cock, she has no problem letting you know!

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Emily Addison Strips Beside a Grand Piano

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Emily Addison wears sexy lingerie and stockings as she poses next to a grand piano and seductively peels out of her underwear.

Emily tousles her brunette hair and takes the bra from off of her big boobs. Panties also disappear and soon she is bent over with her ass in view and pink pussy lips being spread as though in invitation.

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Emily Addison Rubs Pussy On Top of Table

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The hottest babe ever has to be Emily Addison. Hands down. There’s no refuting this chicks sex appeal and beauty only evidence to further the case. These photos here show you just how enticing she looks in lingerie. That black lace trimmed with pink is incredible but what really takes the cake her are those black thigh-high stockings and heels!

She climbs atop the table in order to lose the clothes – giving you the idea that she’s wanting it bad. She sticks her ass out and wiggles it, as if to say she wants you to stick it in her. That nice round ass would be a perfect place for your dick, too. Once she’s lost the lingerie, she pulls out a glass dildo that will surely do the trick – make her cum. She runs her tongue along it, getting it nice and wet before sticking it deep inside that moist pink pussy hole.

Check out Emily Addison as she plays with herself

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